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About PowerClean Plus LLC - Your Favorite Fayetteville Pressure Washer

Pressure washing services

PowerClean Plus LLC is Fayetteville's preferred pressure washer professionals for unbeatable results and customer service that blows the competition away. We're passionate about making your home's surfaces get in the best shape of their lives through attention to detail and unparalleled customer service that keeps customers coming back. We offer a comprehensive menu of pressure washer options with full-service for outdoor cleaning needs. Over the years we've succeeded by holding true to integrity in business and understanding what keeps Fayetteville running strong.

The Pressure Washing Difference

Our restorative process removes plant growth and grime to restore natural color when homes have faded. Pressure washer service brings an unparalleled shine to your home by eliminating the buildup of natural materials and synthetics that build up over time. Having your home professionally pressure washed not only brings pristine curb appeal, it also boosts the lifespan of surfaces by warding off rot and decay. We recommend pressure washer cleaning for most homes annually. If you've noticed any discoloration on your home's roof or siding it may be time for a pressure washing!

Popular Services

We understand busy lifestyles, sudden moves in and out of town, and growing with your family's needs big or small. We're in the business of caring for surfaces so you have more time for the important things in life like spending time with loved ones or enjoying your. We've designed our full-service menu of pressure washing options to suit almost any needs you may have. Pressure washing in Fayetteville is our way of serving those who serve at home and abroad, and we stand ready to help you adjust whether that means buying a home, selling a home, or just maintaining one! We've listed a few of our most popular services so you can get an idea of pressure washing's benefits and who we are:

  • House Washing - house washing is a fast, affordable way to give your home's exterior a makeover. Our experts recommend house washing annually for most Fayetteville-area homes but your needs may vary depending on your home. House washing revitalizes exterior surfaces by removing dirt and grime to make natural color show!
  • Roof Cleaning - roof cleaning protects structurally vital parts of your home. We professionally remove dust, dirt, algae, and grime to give you extra piece of mind and help roofs perform their essential tasks like water drainage. Roof cleaning not only brings cosmetic benefits you'll quickly notice, it also extends your roof's lifespan too.
  • Patio Cleaning - from patios to porches and decks, PowerClean Plus LLC experts specialize in getting outdoor spaces ready for entertainment and use. Patio, porch, and deck cleanings are especially handy during fall or the end of winter for removing debris and freshening spaces up for new seasons of nice weather.


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pressure washing tips