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Fence & Deck Cleaning To Brighten Up Your Fayetteville Exterior

Deck cleaning

When it comes to deck cleaning and fence washing service PowerClean Plus LLC is the premium choice when it comes to pressure washing for Fayetteville homes. Deck and fences frame your home's outdoor space and are surfaces you'll want clean for outdoor gatherings that don't disappoint. Pressure washing performs intensive cleaning to remove dirt and grime that home tools can't reach! Residue and buildup from chemical, synthetic, and organic material may stain your deck or fence over time causing discoloration (or damage if left long-term). The experts at PowerClean Plus LLC are ready to restore decks and fences to their original shine. We know you have more pressing things to do as a homeowner and happily handle outdoor beautification so you have more time to relax!

Fence Washing

Fence washing is an important part of home maintenance. A clean fence perimeter brings you a manicured look and peace of mind by boosting both security and curb appeal. We recommend occasional fence washing because it removes mold and other materials that can build up over time. If you've noticed your fence's original color has faded over time, it might be time for fence washing!

  • At PowerClean Plus LLC our number one priority is leaving your fence in better shape than we find it!
  • We recommend professional fence washing because washing wooden materials require special care. Most outdoor fence surfaces are coated with weatherproof substances that novice pressure washing mistakes might remove.

We also have solutions for delicate or painted fences! Our PowerClean Plus LLC experts will evaluate your fence and select the soft washing method if needed. The process involves hand-picking a cleaning solution best suited to your fence then cleaning with methods similar to pressure washing that use lower PSI to preserve surfaces but get the grime gone!

Deck Washing

A deck is the core of any outdoor entertaining space. Proper deck cleaning maintenance is sure to keep guests and residents coming back outdoors for maximum enjoyment. We specialize in deck cleaning that restores decks to their original glow, especially after the fall and winter seasons when leaves pile up or the weather keeps you from outdoor use. We'll get decks back in cookout-ready shape in no time with some care and hard work from our team of experts.

  • Professional pressure washing is the safest and most convenient fence and deck cleaning option
  • We pride ourselves on cautious efficient work and aim to treat your home the same way we'd treat our own.
  • We offer a full menu of other pressure washing services such as patio washing, driveway cleaning, house washing, graffiti removal, and more.


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