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Spring Lake Relies On PowerClean Plus LLC For Pressure Washing Services

Spring lake pressure washing

Spring Lake is a cozy community conveniently located to Fayetteville with a lot to love. When it comes to home maintenance, PowerClean Plus LLC is your trusted source for pressure washing solutions to beautify and preserve your home investments. Spring Lake boasts a wealth of history, and we're building modern history of our own through advanced cleaning techniques and cutting-edge applications to get homes fit for the future. Pressure washing is the preferred modern way to keep buildings clean for several reasons.

  • It removes dirt and grime with powerful force down to what's invisible to the naked eye
  • The pressure brings extra-strong results that blow conventional cleaning methods away
  • Our services brighten surfaces! Outside buildup can lead to discoloration and potential structural issues down the line
  • Pressure washing saves you money today by extending your home's lifespan and warding off premature repairs down the line

House washing and roof cleaning are our essential recommended services. We recommend house washing and roof cleaning at least once per year for Spring Lake homes. This is based on the region's specific climate and our experience in the area. For an unbeatable pressure washing experience in the Spring Lake area, please call 910-315-7650 or complete our online request form.

Spring Lake Pressure Washing With Unbeatable Service

We've developed a full-service menu of pressure washing options for buildings and beyond. House washing and roof cleaning are popular essentials, but we also offer services beyond the home to give additional property the fresh look you deserve.

  • Driveway washing and sidewalk cleaning freshen up pavement by removing stains, weeds, and algae that cause discoloration or bigger cracks down the line.
  • Trashcan cleaning is a fast and convenient service that eliminates odors that attract unwanted visitors
  • When it comes time for entertaining and gathering outdoors, our patio cleaning and deck washing service get gathering spaces in jaw-dropping shape for picture-perfect gatherings
  • Our motto is good maintenance is always cheaper than unexpected repairs! We take cleaning seriously knowing that the work extends your investment's lifespan by warding off premature repairs.

Spring Lake Roof Cleaning For Shingles That Shine

In Spring Lake we enjoy a beautiful climate almost year-round, but our natural assets also bring lots of conditions that are ripe for plant growth on the home. Over time residue from plants, dust, and dirt collect on your roof which needs to be washed just like clothes or vehicles! When we pressure wash, we're removing caked-on debris at the source which means shingles or roofing that stay clean longer. Living organisms like algae, worms, and termites thrive on rooftop debris, and removing their food source via high pressure gives you the safest results that last the longest. Protect your investments and household with a roof cleaning today!

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pressure washing tips