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PowerClean Plus LLC Is The Superior Pressure Washing Service In Vass, NC

Vass pressure washing

Through hard work and integrity, we've earned a spot as Vass' preferred pressure washing service. Our name echoes our business philosophy: powerful cleaning plus premium service that's hassle-free from start to finish. Through experience, we've come to understand Vass' needs and values and have tailored our services to match. Our full-service menu is designed for almost any pressure washing needs you may have. Options include but are not limited to: house washing, roof cleaning, driveway washing, patio cleaning, deck cleaning, and more.

Vass Pressure Washing Services For All Your Needs

House washing and roof cleaning are the essential services that we recommend any homeowner have done at least once per year. We base this recommendation on industry standards, the regional climate, and our experience serving the Vass area. You may want to have additional services done once per year as well but needs may vary depending on your home, seasonal factors like pollen, and local landscaping. Pressure washing reasoning is simple: cleaning your home periodically restores surfaces to their original shine and extends the lifespan of your property by warding off premature repairs.

  • Dirt and grime build up on all homes over time, especially in high-foilage areas or times of high humidity
  • When you've noticed your home's siding or surfaces has changed color, it's probably time for a pressure washing. Dust and dirt cause original colors to fade and often also help mold and algae grow in certain conditions
  • Pressure washing removes dust and grime at the source, even what's invisible to the naked eye to keep surfaces cleaner for longer than less powerful methods like spot cleaning or washing with a garden hose
  • When it comes to protecting your Vass home, PowerClean Plus LLC are the pressure washing experts to trust! Call 910-315-7650 or complete our online request form!

Vass Roof Cleaning For A Fresh Outdoor Look

Roof cleaning is an important but often overlooked part of home maintenance! When we clean your roof, we're doing a lot more than just making cosmetic improvements! We're also helping protect your roof against unexpected damage like rot by helping promote proper rain flow to gutters. The roof's essential function is to channel water away from the house, but rainfall flows best when roofs are clear of debris. Dust and buildup left to their own devices may retain water then leads to roof rot or water flowing over eaves right on top of landscaping (causing damage). We like to say that good roof maintenance via pressure washing is always cheaper than unexpected repairs!

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pressure washing tips