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The Leading Seven Lakes Pressure Washing Service

Seven lakes pressure washing

Pressure washing Seven Lakes homes is easy with PowerClean Plus LLC. We know that Silver Lakes residents value a premium look and feel that fits in the area's many natural assets and landscaped beauty, that's why we're passionate about getting your home's outside in the best shape of its lives through attention to detail and unparalleled customer service that keeps PowerClean Plus LLC customers coming back.

Our full menu of pressure washing options is designed to meet most of the needs that our customers will ever have. See below for some of our most popular services and more information. To schedule service or get an estimate for your Seven Lakes home, please call 910-315-7650 or complete our online request form.

  • Our top services are house washing and roof cleaning. These are essential home maintenance tasks.
  • We recommend homeowners have pressure washing essentials done about once a year to keep Silver Lake homes beautiful (and safe from the negative impacts of plant growth such as algae and mold!)
  • Other services like driveway cleaning, sidewalk washing, and trashcan cleaning are great ways to brighten your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank

Seven Lakes Roof Cleaning For Glow & Flow

Your Seven Lakes roof needs regular cleaning just like other investments you'd regularly wash to keep functional and clean! Roofs collect residue and natural buildup over time, and roof cleaning through pressure washing helps tackle pesky debris at the source. Unlike less powerful cleaning methods, pressure washing removes dirt and grime at the source, even what's invisible to the naked eye. Algae and mold use dirt and buildup to feed and grow, so removing the food source safeguards (and beautifies!) your home.

  • Seven Lakes has a moderate climate with the best of most seasons, but our natural abundance and humidity can also bring unwanted foliage, rain, dust, and dirt to your rooftop
  • Cleaning your rooftop helps you protect your home in unexpected ways
  • Pressure washing your roof promotes proper flow to gutters for foundation and landscape protection
  • Rooftop work is dangerous to tackle alone. Many homeowners choose not to tackle these areas themselves for good reason!
  • You can relax and enjoy peace of mind while PowerClean Plus LLC professionals assume the risks of rooftop labor

Premium Seven Lakes Service For Any & All Pressure Washing Needs

Seven Lakes homes vary greatly so we stay adaptable to keep quality service and positive results coming. Whether you're moving in, moving out, or staying put, we have plenty of options that deliver quality at a fair price. Home renovations and makeovers are trendy ways to liven up exteriors, but before choosing expensive intrusive renovations also consider pressure washing. It's a fast and affordable but highly underrated way to make sure your home is living up to its maximum potential. We're also able to clean auxiliary buildings such as sheds, storage spaces, or detached garages for full-property improvements the whole neighborhood's sure to notice.

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pressure washing tips