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Southern Pines's Leader in Pressure Washing Services

Southern pines pressure washing

PowerClean Plus LLC is a proud premium pressure washing provider to the Southern Pines area. Southern Pines residents value luxury in look and feel that fits in the area's history as a health resort for relaxation and wellness. When it comes to maintaining homes with a manicured look full of detail and glowing surfaces, our experts are the best at what we do. We're passionate about getting homes in great shape whether that's for a special occasion, regular maintenance, or upcoming resale. of its lives through attention to detail and unparalleled customer service that keeps PowerClean Plus LLC customers coming back.

Southern Pines Pressure Washing For Show-Off Ready Homes

Pressure washing is the preferred way to professionally get exterior surfaces clean. Pressure washing carries a big difference in results compared to results you'll get from less powerful cleaning like handwashing or using a garden house. Unlike lesser technology, pressure washing completely removes dirt and grime from surfaces including what's invisible to the naked eye. Our thorough cleaning results in clean surfaces that stay clean longer by removing what algae, mold, and other plants use as a food source. For brilliant pressure washing results and unbeatable Southern Pines service, call 910-315-7650 or complete our online request form.

  • Our pressure washing gets outdoor surfaces glowing, extends their lifespan, and saves you money by warding off premature repairs caused by unwanted buildup.
  • Home makeovers and renovations are trendy, but it's smart to try a total exterior home cleaning first. The difference may surprise you!
  • We've mastered tools and techniques through years of practice and experience. DIY pressure washers are available, but we believe our expertise makes a difference with speed and results.
  • Our popular services include but aren't limited to house washing, roof cleaning, deck washing, shed and storage cleaning, and more

Unbeatable Roof Cleaning In Southern Pines

We'll extend the lifespan of your Southern Pine's roof through a detailed cleaning that removes dirt, debris, and algae (those black streaks commonly seen on shingles). Roof cleaning maintenance is important for look and function (just like with anything else you'd wash regularly)! The region's beautiful natural abundance of foliage and plant life also makes regular cleaning a necessity. Over time any roof collects residue, and we work fast to tackle buildup at the source.

  • Roof cleaning helps promote proper water flow to gutters by removing debris big and small
  • Big buildup (especially from nearby trees) can breakdown and create unwanted soil on rooftops that retain rainfall
  • We work efficiently with care to remove what causes roof rot and protect your investments.
  • Let yourself relax while our safety-trained PowerClean Plus LLC professionals get your home in the best shape of its life

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pressure washing tips